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(Last update: January 10th, 2013)

Dolling tutorials you might find useful :)

:bulletpink: Doll Tutorial Directory
:bulletpink: Doll Tutorials at DollingClub
:bulletpink: DollingTutorials
:bulletpink: tutorial galleries at ArentYouADoll
:bulletpink: Tutorials gallery at dollers
:new::bulletpink: PE - resource Round Up by IridescentStardust


:bulletgreen: - on dA
:bulletyellow: - offsite



- Dolling from start to finish:

:bulletgreen: Dolling Tutorial Redux - Pt.1 by caitlincaitiecait
:bulletgreen: Dolling... For Beginners by Katty-Pixels
:bulletgreen: Massive Dolling Tutorial by MissRoxieGraves
:bulletgreen: Complete Doll Tutorial PART 1 by porcelian-doll
:bulletgreen: Complete Doll Tutorial PART 2 by porcelian-doll

- Program tricks:

:new::bulletgreen: TUTORIAL - HOW TO SAVE... by rancake
:bulletgreen: Zoom Trick Tut by rancake
:bulletgreen: 8 Quick Tricks in MSPaint by MicrosuedeMouse
:bulletgreen: MS Paint Gradient Tutorial by SasoriDanna94
:bulletgreen: MS Paint Tips and Tricks by BLKMKT-ARCHIVE
:bulletgreen: transparency tutorial by pressurized

- Techniques:

:bulletgreen: Dithering Tutorial by beblue
:bulletgreen: Anti-Aliasing Tutorial by BluE3
:bulletgreen: Pixel Blending + Shading Tips by BluE3
:bulletgreen: Light Sourcing Reference Guide Part 1 by Breebles
:bulletgreen: Creating a dithered gradient by mariiiis-dolls
:bulletgreen: Shading styles by mariiiis-dolls
:new::bulletgreen: Gradient Tutorial by Mistress-Jaeden
:bulletgreen: How to add contrast on a doll by ninique
:new::bulletgreen: Secrets of Tooling - Part 1 by FionaCreates
:new::bulletgreen: Secrets of Tooling - Part 2 by FionaCreates
:new::bulletgreen: Secrets of Tooling - Part 3 by FionaCreates
:new::bulletgreen: Secrets of Tooling - Part 4 by FionaCreates
:bulletyellow: Shading Black and White by snap-hiss (tool)
:bulletgreen: Doll Tutorial What not to do by xMina-chan

- Palettes:

:bulletgreen: Palette Tutorial by beblue
:bulletgreen: Pallet Tutorial by LieutenantDeath



- Making:

:bulletgreen: Basing Without Tracing by kawaiihannah
:bulletgreen: Referenced Base Tutorial PT 1 by pixel-whore
:bulletgreen: Referenced Base Tutorial PT 2 by pixel-whore
:bulletgreen: Original Base Making Tutorial by porcelian-doll
:bulletgreen: Pixel-Digital doll basemaking by FionaCreates
:bulletgreen: How to make a giant anime base by FionaCreates
:bulletgreen: XmasDoll Tutorial pt1 - base by FionaCreates
:bulletgreen: How To: Pixel Heads by SpyderBryte
:bulletgreen: Base Tutorial by wish04

- Editing:

:bulletgreen: Dolling Tut: Skin by Angelic-Sakuras (tool reshading)
:bulletgreen: Details Tutorial by beblue (tattoos, markings, makeup, nails)
:bulletgreen: How i pixel lips by decomposing-lotus
:bulletgreen: Pixel dragon/demon/vampire/monster eye tutorial by doris4u
:bulletgreen: How to genderbend your base by IridescentStardust
:bulletgreen: not-so-tutorial: base edit by grangerpixel
:bulletgreen: Tutorial - Closed eyes by mariiiis-dolls
:bulletgreen: Bruise Totorial by SquirtBox



- General:

:bulletgreen: New Hair Tutorial by alamodepixels
:bulletgreen: Dolling Tut: Hair by Angelic-Sakuras (tool)
:bulletgreen: Hair Step-by-step by beblue
:bulletgreen: Hair Step by Step by bunnystick
:bulletgreen: Doll Hair Tutorial by constantlychanging
:bulletgreen: Dolling Hints and Tips No. 1 by emytee
:bulletgreen: Dolling Hints and Tips No. 2 by emytee
:bulletgreen: Asha's Hair Tutorial 1 by Icecradle
:bulletgreen: Old Shiny Hair Tutorial by Just-A-Breathmint
:bulletgreen: Doll Hair Tutorial - Revamp by Channini
:bulletgreen: Hair outlining tutorial by Kitsune-Notunai
:bulletgreen: a little less half-assed by konfusion-with-a-k
:bulletgreen: Hair Tutorial by Odyrah
:bulletgreen: Detailed Hair Tutorial by porcelian-doll
:bulletgreen: Tool Shaded Doll - Hair by FionaCreates
:bulletgreen: Tutorial: Hair by Rami-crazyfox
:bulletgreen: Tutorial-Hair by scenefag
:bulletgreen: The Shou's Way To Pixel Hair by ShouriMajo
:bulletgreen: How To: Hair, Spyder's way by SpyderBryte
:bulletgreen: pixel doll : hair tutorial by pressurized

- Special:

:bulletgreen: Sexy Hair Pixel Tutorial by billkaulitzluvergirl
:bulletgreen: Wavy Hair tutorial by Heartsdesire-fantasy
:bulletgreen: Asha's Hair Tutorial 2 - wavy by Icecradle
:bulletgreen: Asha's Hair Tutorial 3- Curly by Icecradle
:bulletgreen: Asha's Hair Tutorial 4 - boys by Icecradle
:bulletgreen: a little less half-assed by konfusion-with-a-k (mohawk)
:bulletgreen: Facial Hair Tutorial by LieutenantSheesha
:bulletgreen: Pixelling curly Hair Tutorial by LieutenantSheesha
:bulletgreen: Pixelling Stubble by LieutenantSheesha
:bulletgreen: Hair tutorial 01 by mariiiis-dolls (glass-like hair)
:bulletgreen: Dolling Mohawk Tutorial 8D by MissRoxieGraves
:bulletgreen: Short Hair Tutorial by porcelian-doll
:bulletgreen: Tutorial-Hair2 by scenefag (dreadlocks)
:bulletgreen: Pixel Hair Tutorial by teardrop246 (short male hair)
:bulletgreen: make it floofy. .::a hair tutorial::. by valokilljoy



- Tops:

:bulletgreen: Dolling Hints and Tips No. 3 by emytee
:bulletgreen: Folds Tutorial by Kitsune-Notunai
:new::bulletgreen: Dolling tops by SmiteTheeWithApples
:bulletgreen: pixel doll : shirt tutorial by pressurized
:bulletgreen: WHITE SHIRT YO by TheThirdAct
:bulletgreen: new: b/w shirt by TheThirdAct
:bulletgreen: Pixel Shirt Tutorial by xMina-chan

- Pants:

:bulletgreen: Asha's Jeans Tutorial by Icecradle
:bulletgreen: Camo Army pants pixel tutorial by jatola
:bulletgreen: pixel doll : shorts tutorial by pressurized
:bulletgreen: JEANS YO by TheThirdAct
:bulletgreen: new: jeans by TheThirdAct
:bulletgreen: Tooled Shorts by XMarleauxX
:bulletgreen: Pixel Doll Tutorial Pants by xMina-chan

- Skirts and dresses:

:bulletgreen: Dolling Tut: Dress by Angelic-Sakuras (tool)
:bulletyellow: Creating a skirt by mariiiis-dolls
:bulletyellow: Creating a dress by mariiiis-dolls
:bulletgreen: How to Cheat at Dolling: Awkward Dresses by snap-hiss
:bulletgreen: How to Cheat at Dolling: Velvet by snap-hiss (tool)

- Shoes:

:bulletgreen: Shoe Tutorial part 1 by batty-mcbats
:bulletgreen: Shoe Tutorial part 2 by batty-mcbats (pumps)
:bulletgreen: Asha's Shoe Tutorial by Icecradle
:new::bulletgreen: Dolling shoes by SmiteTheeWithApples
:bulletgreen: How to Cheat at Dolling: Shoes by snap-hiss

- Details:

:bulletgreen: lace tutorial by batty-mcbats
:bulletgreen: Sparkles and Glitter Tutorial by batty-mcbats
:bulletgreen: Details Tutorial by beblue (patterns, trim, seams, pockets, zippers, lace, fishnet, tears)
:bulletgreen: Pixel Fur tutorial by faustbane
:new::bulletgreen: tutorial- plaid by IridescentStardust
:bulletgreen: Basic Patterns by Mistress-Jaeden
:bulletgreen: Glitter tutorial by snap-hiss (tool in GIMP)
:bulletgreen: Glitter for Photoshop by snap-hiss (tool)
:bulletyellow: Gradients by snap-hiss (tool)
:bulletyellow: Prints by snap-hiss (tool)
:bulletyellow: Thigts by snap-hiss (tool)
:bulletgreen: pixel shading tutorial by tenchibaka (reflective clothing)
:new::bulletgreen: pattern tutorial, 2012 by pressurized

- Accesories:

:bulletgreen: Details Tutorial by beblue (glasses, jewelry)
:bulletgreen: How to do coloured sunglasses by Kitsune-Notunai
:bulletyellow: Creating a round crystal by mariiiis-dolls
:bulletgreen: How to Cheat at Dolling: Sparkly Jewellery by snap-hiss (tool)



:bulletgreen: Entering Doll Pageants - Pt 1 by FionaCreates
:bulletgreen: Entering Doll Pageants - Pt 2 by FionaCreates
:bulletgreen: Entering Doll Pageants - Pt 3 by FionaCreates

- Wings:

:bulletgreen: Shiny faery wings - TUTORIAL by mariiiis-dolls
:bulletgreen: Wing Tutorial by Mistress-Jaeden

- Backgrounds:

:new::bulletgreen: Cloud Tutorial by Mistress-Jaeden
:bulletgreen: Mountain Tutorial by Mistress-Jaeden
:bulletgreen: Background Elements Tutorial by Mysticara

- Effects:

:bulletgreen: Dolling Tut: Glow Effect by Angelic-Sakuras (tool)
:bulletgreen: Magic Bubble Tutorial by kenlybop
[Bullet; Green] Pixel Art-Sparkle Tutorial by LittleKai



[Bullet; Green] Fire Nymph - Step-By-Step by bunnystick
[Bullet; Green] MDE UK Round 1 WIPs by Icecradle
[Bullet; Green] Dolling Tutorial Numero DOS by MissRoxieGraves
[Bullet; Green] Doll Base Tutorial - MS Paint by Mutationification
[Bullet; Green] Digital Doll Step by Step by FionaCreates (tool)
[Bullet; Green] Fairy dressed in Water Step by Step by FionaCreates (tool)
[Bullet; Green] TSP Round 2 step by step by FionaCreates (tool)

If you know of any other good dolling tutorial, note me and I'll consider adding it to the list ^^ (but remember: I won't add everything you suggest, I have my own criteria)
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cobraqueen89 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2015  Hobbyist
uvdolls is deleted. I clicked and it couldn't find the website
base-o-holic Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2016
Thanks for letting me know, I'll correct it in the next update :).
milk-n-coffee Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2014
hi! do you might know where there's a tutorial on pixeling dreads? ;o;
base-o-holic Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
It seems that scenefag has decided to put all her tutorials in storage. The only similar tutorial I could find is here, I hope that helps :).
milk-n-coffee Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2014
thank you ;A;
PrincessVampireKitty Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow there's a lot of hair tutorials. now if someone would only come up with a hand shaded make-up tutorial >.< kinda sad really, I'm a girl and i can't do make-up...course i don't do my own make-up but every once every 5 blue moons
base-o-holic Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013
Hey, you're right - there aren't any dolling make-up tutorials! :O_o: Now that would be really handy, I also don't know much about make-up and I usually forget about that when making my dolls...
PrincessVampireKitty Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Same here unless the base comes with the make-up already done and I some how can manage to change the colors and still have it look good
DollerInDisguise Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Holy mother of God...this is amazing! Thank you so much for putting it together!
base-o-holic Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Thank you! :blushes:
(You actually reminded me that I need to make an update... xD)
doris4u Featured By Owner May 8, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Eye spy with my eye my monster eye tutorial C: I'm so happy to see it here and that you liked it. Thanks for adding it to this list :iconblushingplz:
base-o-holic Featured By Owner May 9, 2012
Well, it is really good and I haven't seen anything similar, so it's definitely worth showing :)
doris4u Featured By Owner May 9, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you very much. :hug: I really love the way it came out, now that I look back at the eyes I made before they are like yuck in comparison to this one.
FreeKissForAll Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012   Digital Artist
I got How Not To Save A base In Jpeg.
base-o-holic Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2012
I saw it and sorry, but I think it's a bit too vague... ^^;
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